Rachel Jane Wallace, the base director is from the United Kingdom and used to be the manager of the jewelry room in Liberty, Regent Street. But now considers the dusty jewels the Father gives her to love of far more beauty and worth than any of the precious stones that she used to sell to the rich and famous in London.

RACHEL Testimony for ChooseLife :
Being amongst the poor in Madagascar we are daily given the choice if we will ‘choose to bring life’ to the poor or if we will just leave them to suffer with no help.

In August we met a family with six children who had fallen on hard times, they were struggling just to cover the basic need s of their family…….we discovered that the children were so hungry that they had been eating dirt to take away the pain of the hunger……we ‘choose to bring life’ by helping them with rice and beans every two weeks.
It was amazing to see how the families health transformed as we started to help them with food, before that they had a lot of sickness and skin infections…..but as we ‘extended life to them’ through food, the whole families health changed.

Because of poverty the father of this family never received an education and is unable to read or write, and so we ‘chose to bring life’ by making it possible for this families children to have an education….so that the future generation in this family will have a better life just from the simple skills of being able to read and write.
We really wanted to bring lasting life and change to this family and have given the father a job now.

It is amazing to see that by choosing to accept our help, the life of this whole family has truly transformed in six months.
We love to be able to help the poor among us by giving them opportunities to ‘choose life’ and see them being transformed one family at a time ❤️

Rachel Irisglobal
love looks like a new roof

When you buy our #ChooseLife tops, 40% of the sales of this design goes to a charity we support.
We are currently supporting Rachel from Madagascar who is from Iris Global.org

We will also be doing an event on the 8th of April to celebrate this #ChooseLife testimony.

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